Built with bars of lies, false hopes and obsession, love is a prison in which you are locked in by your own self.And the sad part is, the gatekeeper is no one but that one person you call the definition of love.The person whom you gave your heart away.And that person did nothing but made […]

Fake love

Did you just pretend it Did you not mean it Now that you’ve got it What it you needed Leave me hanging For once again What did you think When you left me just in a single blink I knew your love wasn’t real The moment you didn’t care when i shed my precious tears […]


Tired of being sad too long Tired of being lonely too long I tried and always tried Stopped the volcano from bursting outside I prevented the eruption somehow The better days must come soon now Always letting expectations down Someday this pressure’s gonna make me drown. -DD

A deep thought.

Feelings don’t remain feelings if you feel them too much, they become emotions. Emotions become a habit and habits never change. So if you feel lonely, it’s a feeling, and if you feel it too much it’s an emotion and that’s a habit. -DD